What is Stem Cell Therapy?

For the longest time now, stem cells have been used for their therapeutic benefits, especially when it comes to treating orthopedic injuries and arthritis. This is because stem cells are able to stimulate the growth of various tissues in the body by repairing the worn out parts and aiding in the regeneration of the old ones. Since stem cells can self-renew unlimited, they are trusted to treat varying conditions by developing pro genies that are replicates of the original cells of healthy tissues.

Although cancer cells multiply like stem cells, the division of the latter is more regulated while that of the former is uncontrolled. As such, for cells to be considered stem cells, they must be able to develop into specialized types that make up a healthy tissue.

Why are scientists so interested in stem cells?
Stem cells are a thrilling topic among medical researchers because everyone is still fascinated by how they multiply. Various experts believe that studying how these cells develop into healthy body tissues and parts may shed some light into how certain diseases arise in the body.

Through self-renewal, these cells can be directed to become specific cells. As a result, stem cells are part of regenerative medicine and are used by doctors as they attempt to treat the diseased cells by having the healthy type regenerated to replace the damaged cells.

Stem cell therapy has been successfully used to help manage health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, cancer, and osteoarthritis. As part of regenerative medicine, stem cells have also shown promising results in the management of conditions like Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Experts in transplant and regenerative medicine use stem cells to create new body tissues that are then used to replace the damaged ones. This makes the stem cells a great treatment option for orthopedic injuries and diseases.

Did you also know that stem cells have been successfully used to test the efficacy of certain drugs? Medical researchers rely on them to investigate the effects drugs they are formulating will have on the user. For instance, stem cells have been effectively used for cardiac toxicity testing.

Today, researchers are more focused on programming these stem cells into tissue-specific cells. They are also looking into how these can be used to test for new drugs being manufactured every other day. In essence, stem cells will be able to acquire the attributes of the specified cells or tissues being targeted. So, if you want to fix a nerve problem, you could generate nerve-specific cells that will help in testing drugs for treating a nerve disease.

How it’s used to treat Orthopedic Injuries and Arthritis?
Stem cell therapy has had tremendous results in the treatment of orthopedic injuries as well as arthritis. It is usually administered as an injection and can sometimes be followed up by an orthopedic surgical procedure. This treatment option has had positive effects in relieving pain while improving the quality of life of individuals who have had arthritis or orthopedic injuries. The nerve inflammation that comes with various orthopedic conditions is sometimes so intense that a patient cannot get quality sleep or focus on work. This is because a bone or cartilage in the affected area is damaged.

Undergoing stem cell therapy will go a long way in improving the formation of your bone or cartilage by promoting cell regeneration. As the new cartilage or bone develops, the patient is cured of arthritis or an orthopedic injury is healed. Medical experts, however, are not sure how the regrowth process takes place. As such, one cannot say that stem cell therapy heals arthritis. It merely helps in relieving the symptoms by relieving pain.

Most of the stem cell therapy procedures have been conducted for knee regeneration. However, more studies need to be done with respect to this treatment option for shoulder arthritis. We cannot, therefore, conclude if this procedure can successfully treat shoulder arthritis.

Orthopedic conditions like stress, spinal, or compound fractures, however, can be treated effectively using stem cell therapy. Patients with osteoporosis that causes reduced bone density can also consider this treatment option. If you have knee injury or your bones, ligaments, or cartilage are broken, then this treatment alternative will aid in cell regrowth for regenerative healing.

Stem cell therapy is a safe procedure that is used for treating various orthopedic conditions. With the increasing research work and promising results on its use, we all hope that the procedure will effectively address all orthopedic problems.

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