Regenerative Treatment Options For Elbow Pain

There are literally thousands of patients who are diagnosed with golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow who have never played either sport. The commonality is pain in the elbow area either on the inside or outside of the elbow. All these patients know is their elbow hurts, and they want some relief. Traditional treatments are fine if they are successful, but now there are cutting edge regenerative treatment options for elbow pain.

Evaluating Traditional Treatments

You may never have played golf or tennis, but you can still suffer with elbow pain from working at a computer all day, or doing landscaping and carpentry work to name a few.  Both types of elbow pain are caused by overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm leading to inflammation, microscopic tendon tears, and pain around the elbow joint. It can also be caused and/or exacerbated by arthritis and a joint injury.

Golfer elbow pain during the game

Most patients who suffer with elbow pain go through the traditional treatment process like the following:

  • They try ice and rest to help counteract the overuse.
  • They try sleeves to support the elbow.
  • They may take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory meds for pain.
  • Many are referred for physical therapy and cortisone shots which may help in the short term.

Unfortunately, after going through all these traditional treatment options, many patients are left with the same weakened and painful elbow. Up until recently, the only option left was joint surgery.

How Do Regenerative Treatments Work?

If you are not ready to go “under the knife,” there are other options. Adult stem cell therapy and PRP, known as platelet-rich plasma are regenerative treatments being used with great success.

With PRP therapy, platelets are extracted from the patient’s own blood and the plasma is then re-injected into the painful elbow. The treatment is using your own blood to regenerate the tissues and accelerate the healing.

Another option is stem cell therapy, which promotes the repair response of injured tissue. It speeds healing and provides better functionality. The stem cells are taken from bone marrow, turned into a concentrate, and then injected into the painful area.

Both options are performed in Dr. Alicia Carter’s office. There is no downtime, the patient’s own tissues and blood are used, and it employs your body’s own regenerative potential.

Studies continue to indicate these therapies are not just temporary solutions but provide long term benefits.

See Dr. Alicia Carter and find out if you are a candidate for either of these regenerative treatment options for elbow pain.

As always, if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call 833-794-7040 today! 

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