What is PRP Therapy used for?

Platelets are special blood cell fragments that are rich in tissue growth factors. When you sustain an injury, platelets localized to the site of injury and release these growth factors to start the healing process. Platelets can be obtained from one’s own blood, concentrated and then injected into an injured muscle, ligament, joint or into the spine. This type of injection therapy can accelerate or reinvigorate healing, in part by stimulating new collagen/tissue production. The end result is stronger tissue, reduced pain and improved function for New York City patients. 

PRP Injections for Spine and Orthopedic Conditions

In recent years, the research validating the safety and efficacy of PRP treatments has increased exponentially. PRP has been proven effective for a variety of spine and orthopedic conditions that have failed other treatments, including: rotator cuff tears, labral tears, degenerative discs, sciatica, tennis elbow, knee sprains, meniscal tears, ACL sprains, arthritic joints, plantar fasciitis and ankle sprains. Platelet rich plasma has also been found in some studies to STOP the progression of arthritis. Many professional athletes have been successfully treated with PRP for their injuries including Kobe Bryant, Rafael Nadal and Tiger Woods.

How is PRP done?

PRP can be performed in the New York City office usually with ultrasound or x-ray guidance. Blood is drawn from the patient and placed in a special centrifuge that separates the platelets from the red blood cells. The concentrated platelets are then used for treatment. The injured area is first anesthetized with an anesthetic before the actual injection is performed. The entire procedure takes less than an hour.

Hear CBS Sports Analyst and former NFL Linebacker Brian Jones describe his response to PRP for a rotator cuff tear in his shoulder and stem cell therapy for a meniscal tear in his knee. Both treatments were done by Dr. Alicia Carter.

Why choose Dr. Alicia Carter?

  • Dr. Carter’s does a comprehensive 1-hour orthopedic evaluation. She takes the time to thoroughly understand the patient’s lifestyle and to determine why the injury or condition developed and why other treatments might have failed. Based on the patient’s goals and to ensure the success of PRP treatment, activity modifications and injury-specific exercises are often recommended.
  • Shorten treatment for most patients. While many doctors recommend a series of 3 treatments, the vast majority of Dr. Carter’s New York City patients typically experience improvement after only 1 injection. The success rates are in the 80-85% range depending on the condition being treated. Some patients experience complete, permanent relief.
  • Dr. Carter has almost a decade of experience with platelet rich plasma and other regenerative medicine procedures and is one of a few physicians that has acquired a board certification in Regenerative Medicine.
  • FDA cleared device. Not all marketed PRP devices and techniques are equal. Dr. Carter uses a proper FDA cleared device to ensure proper platelet harvesting. 
  • Dr. Carter does the entire procedure herself from start to finish. Some doctors use assistants to draw the blood and concentrate the platelets. If the platelets are not collected in a sterile, anticoagulated state or concentrated properly, the PRP sample may not be viable and fail to aid in tissue healing.
  • Top Doctor. Dr. Carter has been consistently rated a Top Doctor by numerous organizations.

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