Regenerative Treatment Options For Elbow Pain

There are literally thousands of patients who are diagnosed with golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow who have never played either sport. The commonality is pain in the elbow area either on the inside or outside of the elbow. All these patients know is their elbow hurts, and they want some relief. Traditional treatments are fine if they are successful, but now there are cutting edge regenerative treatment options for elbow pain.


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How To Stay Active While At Home

Those of you who have a remote job and are able to work from home most days can encounter both physical and emotional challenges. If you are at home and can’t work, there is another set of completely different challenges. Being at home makes it difficult to stay fit, keep up your energy, and stay connected with others, but not impossible! During this time, here are some tips on how to stay active while at home.


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Common Questions About PRP Injection Therapy

Besides being successful professional athletes, Rafael Nadal and Tiger Woods have something else in common. They have both tried PRP injection therapy for their injuries. We all get injured whether we are professionals or weekend warriors, so is this something you might want to try? Here are the most common questions that Dr. Alicia R. Carter receives about PRP injection therapy.


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6 Major Myths About Stem Cell Therapy

There is much debate about stem cells and using them for therapeutic purposes. Regenerative therapy may be a new term to you, but stem cells are being used to treat many degenerative diseases from traumatic brain injury to diabetes. Whether you are quite familiar with stem cell therapy or this is new information for you, let’s learn 6 major myths about stem cell therapy.


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