6 Major Myths About Stem Cell Therapy

There is much debate about stem cells and using them for therapeutic purposes. Regenerative therapy may be a new term to you, but stem cells are being used to treat many degenerative diseases from traumatic brain injury to diabetes. Whether you are quite familiar with stem cell therapy or this is new information for you, let’s learn 6 major myths about stem cell therapy.

Myth# 1 – Stem Cells Only Come from Embryos

This is a common myth or misconception about stem cells that is absolutely false. This myth causes political and ethical questions, so let’s set the record straight. Only a small fraction of stem cells are harvested from embryos, whereas most actually come from adults and from the patient themselves. Those used in regenerative therapy are adult stem cells.

Myth# 2 – Stem Cell Therapy Just Doesn’t Work

This misconception is not only false, but it prevents patients from exploring treatment options which may be beneficial. Stem cell therapy is not just a fad. 

This type of treatment has helped those with painful knee, shoulder, and hip conditions. It has also reduced pain in those with lumbar disc problems. Get the facts from Regenerative Orthopedics before you or someone you love passes up the chance for increased mobility and pain relief. 

stem cell therapy

Myth# 3 – Stem Cell Therapy Is Illegal

Nothing could be further from the truth. The National Institute of Health provided 1.3 billion into the research of stem cell therapy. In addition, the state of Ohio has invested 25 million in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic into the development of regenerative medicine. 

Myth# 4 – Adult Stem Cells Are Less Effective Than Embryonic Stem Cells

Some have argued that adult stem cells may have genetic mutations that can compromise results, but there is enough evidence to counter this common myth.

Adult stem cells are quite effective in treating joint and tendon issues found in all organs and tissues in our bodies. Researchers have found that the greatest accumulation of adult stem cells are in our fat tissue and bone marrow. 

Myth# 5 – There Is but One Kind of Stem Cell

Follow along here, because this is important news. Scientists have produced what they call a pluripotent stem cell or iPS. This is an adult stem cell, but it has been genetically altered to function like an embryonic stem cell. 

They are an exact match because they are harvested from the patient. The new iPS stem cells are still being researched, and scientists hope they will soon be available in medical facilities nationwide.

Myth# 6 – Stem Cells Are Only Used in Regenerative Medicine

Although stem cells are often utilized by those that specialize in regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy also treats degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, MS, and spinal cord injuries. In addition, there is progress in treating heart disease, type 1 diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease using these treatment methods. 

Contact Regenerative Orthopedics for more information regarding stem cell therapy and how it can benefit you or someone you love.

As always, if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call 833-794-7040 today! 

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